i am running mac OS X 10.5.8, how can i update to 10.6.8

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    STEP 1: Make sure your Mac is Intel-based (not PowerPC) and that it has at least 1GB of memory.

    STEP 2: Purchase the Snow Leopard disc (Snow Leopard is not available as a download).

    STEP 3: Install Snow Leopard. After installation and the Mac has been restarted, go to Apple Menu and select "Software Update" to update to OS 10.6.8.

    Recommendation: Install Snow Leopard to a separate partition from OS 10.5.8. During install, the installer will search the Mac for earlier OS installations, and ask if you want to import OS settings, files and applications from the old partition. Do this and you will keep your OS 10.5.8 installation intact while having everything copied over to the new partition for OS 10.6. You can start up from either partition. The reason I did this is because some of my drivers for printers and scanners were not compatible with Snow Leopard, and until I could find the correct drivers, I could still start up from the old OS to use my printers and scanner. It also kept all my data intact in case of power outage during installation.