I am still running 10.4.11 (pathetically!)! Can I at least download Snow Leopard first to get a little more uprgraded??

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    Depends on your Mac's processor.

    If it is a PowerPC processor, you CAN NOT install Snow Leopard.

    If it is an Intel processor, you CAN install Snow Leopard.

    To determine the type of processor, go to "About this Mac" in the "Apple" menu. If the word "Intel" appears anywhere next to "Processor", you can install Snow Leopard. You need at least 1GB of memory, 2GB or more is better.

    TIP: Consider installing Snow Leopard on a separate partition (especially since Snow Leopard may need to do some reformatting of the partition it is being installed to). With an OS installed on two partitions, you can then start up from either the Tiger partition or the Snow Leopard partition by pressing the Option Key during startup (or using the Start Up Disk preference in System Preferences). This lets you keep you OS 10.4.11 installation in case you want to jump back.

    BTW: If installing to a new partition, Snow Leopard installer will search your Mac for other OS installations and ask you if you want to import OS settings, apps, and/or files from an older installation. Say yes to all for a smoother transition to Snow Leopard. All settings, compatible apps/drivers and files will be copied to the new partition.

  • You need check the system specs for your computer to determine how far you can upgrade. And Snow Leopard is in DVD form only, no downloads, only available for ordering online, not in stores. If your computer can support it, you can upgrade to Snow Leopard first, then further. You need a minimum of 1GB of RAM (2GB preferred) and a Core Duo Processor for Snow Leopard. You need a minimum of 2GB (4GB preferred) for Lion and a Core 2 Duo Processor. Mountain Lion only works for certain year Macs. You'll need to do a search for Mountain Lion System Requirements to find out.

  • As neither of the previous answers addressed the issue of downloading, as asked in the question. No the software can only be found on disk purchased at the apple store.

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