I bought a MacPro (Not a Xserve) with Leopard SERVER couple of weeks before SL came out. Can I get a deal on the Mas OS X Snow Leopard SERVER ?

Apple has an upgrade offer for Leopard server on a Xserve, for Leopard on any Mac, but I cannot have the info for Leopard Server on a Mac Pro ? I've tried customer service, but nobody seems to know the answer... they send me from one service to another, with no ending...

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • This is something I would call AppleCare on. While the Up to Date program lists only the recent Xserve models as qualifying for the $9.95 upgrade to Snow Leopard Server, I would imagine they would also extend this to your purchase of a MacPro w/ Leopard Server, however I believe the Up to Date offer is only for the unlimited client version. Remember the form needs to be sent in within 90 days of your original purchase, so call them ASAP.