I have a imac OS X 10.4.11 what can i upgrade to

I have a imac OSx10.4.11 2.16 GHz intel core 2 duo memory 3 GB 667MHz
What can I upgrade to the newest product and how do I do it

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    A) Snow Leopard will work on your Mac. Buy Snow Leopard DVD through Apple Store (online or retail store). Install Snow Leopard and once installed, do software updates from under the Apple menu to update OS to OS 10.6.8.

    Note: My preference is to install Snow Leopard to a separate partition from OS 10.4.11. During install, the installer program will search your Mac for other partitions with an OS, and ask if it can import OS settings, files and applications from that partition. Do this for a smooth transition to Snow Leopard. (I prefer to do upgrade this way, because it keeps my OS 10.4.11 intact in case something (like a power failure) should happen during the upgrade.) Afterwards you can either delete the OS 10.4.11 partition, or keep it and have a dual boot Mac (press option key during start up).

    B) You need OS 10.6.8 installed in order to upgrade the OS further. I don't believe Lion is available anymore. So the latest OS is Mountain Lion. Depending on when your Mac was introduced will determine if Mountain Lion will work on your Mac. If you have OS 10.4.11, I assume you got your Mac before 2008, which would make it unlikely that Mountain Lion supports it. Search online for "System Requirements for Mountain Lion" to find out for sure.

  • Your first step is to purchase and install Snow Leopard, which your system definitely supports. After that, use Software Update to ensure you have the latest update of Snow Leopard (10.6.8). Then open the Mac App Store and attempt to purchase Mountain Lion. If your system doesn't support it, the App Store will tell you and you won't be billed.

  • Hello,

    it depense on the I mac you have. The old Power Pc Macs Can only be updated to Mac Os 10.5.

    If you have an Intel Mac some older intels macs Might Be able to update to Mac os 10.6 and Might Max out at Mac Os 10.7. if you have any newer one. that is not as old ,
    You might get up to the current mac Os 10.8..
    Please keep in mind there were cut off for speed and Prosser type.. Go to the apple menu click on about this I mac and that info will be there..

    Keep in mind No Power Pc Based Mac can go past Mac os 10.5 Only Intel macs are support after that.

    Hope this Helps. You Might have to call apple for the update Os if there on on the Mac Apps Store..

    Hope this Helps