I have a MacBook Pro (bought in 2009) on version 10.5.8 I have 4BG of memory. But I need 5GB for Snow Leopard. Is possible for me to get Snow Leopard?

I have a OS X MacBook Pro bought in 2009(Wich comes with 4GB or memory). It is on version 10.5.8. But to download Snow Leopard I need to have 5GB of memory. Is it still possible for me to obtain Snow Leopard on this mac?

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    '5GB for Snow leopard' refers to hard drive space needed. The 4GB your Macbook Pro came with refers to its available RAM (live) memory. Snow Leopard only requires 1GB of RAM.

  • You only need a minimum of 1GB of memory. (5GB refers to the minimum available hard disk space.)

    Snow Leopard is only available on disk, not as a download.

    You will have no problem running Snow Leopard.