I have an iMac OS X version 10.5.8 and want to update to the latest version of snow leopard. What do I need to do?

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    If your iMac has an Intel processor (not a PowerPC processor), then purchase the Snow Leopard DVD from the Apple Store. When it arrives in the mail, then start up from the DVD and install Snow Leopard. After installation and restart, do Software Update (under the Apple menu) until Snow Leopard is at version 10.6.8.

    If your iMac does not have a working optical drive, there are instructions on the internet to "install Snow Leopard from a USB drive". To do so, you will need a USB drive with at least 10GB of space and reformat it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID partitioning. On another Mac with a working optical drive, use Disk Utility to RESTORE the DVD to the newly formatted drive. Connect to your iMac and startup from the Snow Leopard Install drive and complete the installation.