I have Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Version 10.6.3 on my Mac HD. Can I upgrade from that to OS X Lion?

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    Read the specifications for Lion carefully and make sure your Mac has a processor that matches the specifications. You also must do software updates to OS10.6.8 in order to install Lion (go to the Apple Menu and select Software Updates).

    If you are using older software, be advised that Lion discontinues support for Rosetta. This means any older software not written specifically for the Intel chip will not run in Lion. Including Microsoft Office 2004 and Adobe Creative Suite 2. Even if you have later versions of software, there may be some issues with some software features. Check your software websites for possible compatibility issues with OS10.7 (Lion).

    My advice when doing any major upgrade of system software, is to clone the partition with your current OS, and then upgrade one of the clones to the new OS. This way, if something goes wrong, or you want to jump back to the old OS, you simply press OPTION as the Mac starts up, and select the partition with the older OS to start up from.