I have Mac OS X Version 10.5.8. I have the new iphone 5s & I need to upgrade to snow leopard. My disc drive does not work. How can I get snow leopard

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    You will need to purchase an external DVD drive, or if you have another computer available, make use of the DVD sharing feature of Mac OS.

  • Several options (Options 1 & 4 are probably the "easiest"). Make sure your Mac is Intel-based before purchasing Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard only works on Macs with Intel-processors.


    1) Borrow or purchase an external optical drive.

    2) If you are on a network with another Mac with a working optical drive, or a PC that has Windows XP, you can do a remote install. See supportDOTappleDOTcom/kb/PH6450 (replace each "DOT" with "."). The software required is on the retail Snow Leopard Install DVD.

    3) Find another similar Mac to yours with a working optical drive. (Mac needs to be pre-July 2011, and Intel-based). Create a new partition (about 8 to 12 gb in size), format as "Mac OS Extended (Journalled)" or "GUID Partition Table". Install Snow Leopard to that partition. Use Disk Utility to make a DMG image. Transfer image to your computer and use Disk Utility to "restore" the DMG image to a fresh partition (also formatted "Mac OS Extended (Journalled)" or "GUID Partition Table").

    4) Use a USB flash stick or a partition on an external hard drive (at least 8GB in size). Reformat (erase) the flash stick (or hard drive partition) as "Mac OS Extended (Journalled)" or "GUID Partition Table". On a Mac with a working optical drive, insert the Snow Leopard Install DVD and connect the flash stick or external drive. Use Disk Utility to "restore" the Install DVD to the flash stick or external hard drive partition. Connect flash stick (or external HD) to your Mac. Start up (or restart) your Mac and hold the Option Key. Select the item "Mac OS Install DVD". Install Snow Leopard.