i have macbook pro from late 2007 running 10.6.8. can i upgrade to lion?

with the mobile me program ending, i will no longer have the ability of my iphone (version 4s) to synch with my computer wirelessly. in order to have icloud on my computer i need to upgrade to lion but i am concerned that my mac book pro is too old. it was purchased in late 2007 and is running 10.6.8. i am concerned that if i upgrade to lion, the computer won't accomodate the new operating system and might corrupt my photos and other stored information. would i be taking a risk with the lion? if it is ok to upgrade, what woulf the limitations be given the age of the computer.?

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    I have a MacBook (mid-2007) running Lion with absolutely no problems. 2GB of RAM is the minimum required, but I recommend 4GB if you want to avoid "slow downs".

    The only main limitation is that you should not use the full disk encryption with Lion on an older Mac - because it does slow it down quite a lot.

    Before you upgrade to Lion, make sure that you have a good back up on an external disk (i.e. Time Machine, or a disk clone from a product such as SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner).

    Also, you need to make sure that you are not running any PowerPC applications on a regular basis (such as MS Office 2004). They will not work in Lion. Aside from that, everything is pretty easy.