I have MacBook Pro with OS 10.6.8. Can I partition and install Yosemite so I can run different software on each operating system?

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    Yes. My recommendation is to create a new partition and clone the OS 10.6.8 partition to the new partition.

    Then start up from one of the partitions, go to the App Store and proceed to upgrade that partition to Yosemite.

    When done, you can start up from either partition to run OS 10.6.8 or Yosemite. (On my own Mac, I have partitions on several drives. When I press OPTION during start up, I can choose from over six different OS configurations. Some partitions are OS 10.8, others are OS 10.6.8. Partitions have various different software titles installed. Comes in very handy for running old software in OS 10.6.8 not supported on newer OS versions, or to test different configurations or software coding.)


    To clone a partition. Use Disk Utility to create new partition. Format it as Mac OS Extended (Journalled) with, if available, the GUID option. Then use Disk Utility to RESTORE the old partition to the new partition.

    Before starting, make sure your Mac is supported by Yosemite. Or, go through the above steps and when you attempt to install Yosemite on one of the partitions, the installer will let you know if your Mac is supported. If not supported, you can delete the extra partition.