I have no operating system on my IMAC 11 can I still install Snow leopard

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Yes, your iMac should be able to start up from the Snow Leopard DVD.

  • If your iMac did not come with Operating System disks, and your iMac was originally sold before the release of Lion (OS 10.7) in July 2011, you "should" be able to install Snow Leopard from the retail disk.

    The iMac11,1 was released in October 2009, and the iMac11,2 and iMac11,3 were released in July 2010. So all of these models "should" fully support Snow Leopard and allow its installation.

    (I say "should" above as I purchased a refurbished iMac12,2 from Apple after Mountain Lion was released. The refurbished iMac came with Mountain Lion and would not allow Snow Leopard to install. However, I managed a work-a-round to get Snow Leopard on a partition on that iMac. Snow Leopard runs well. I needed to run a scanner which is not supported by OS 10.7 or later, so I when I need to use the scanner, I switch to Snow Leopard. Otherwise I work with Mountain Lion.)