I have the 1st Generation Mac Book Air. Can i upgrade with this new Mac OS X Snow leopard?

I also have a DVD Drive portable, is that enough or i need more to upgrade my Mac book Air (1st Generation).

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Yes, you can. I upgraded my 1st gen Air and it's running well.

  • Yes, you can upgrade any MacBook Air to Snow Leopard. And you don't need to have the DVD drive - I upgraded my wife's Air using DVD drive sharing.

  • As long as your Air has Leopard on it, and you have a DVD Drive and at least a gig of ram and at least 10 gigs free on your hard drive, go ahead and upgrade.

  • I have upgraded a 2nd gen Air with 128GB SSD and 2GB RAM to Snow Leopard using my portable drive. This has improved speed more than anything and was simple to install.

    Someone mentioned that upgrading the 1st gen Air with more memory may be useful. Of course, this is not an option as the memory is soldered to the motherboard in the Air -- unless my understanding is incorrect?

  • I'm not sure, but I strongly suspect you'll be fine. I've read Apple materials and they all seem to show Snow Leopard being compatible for most recent vintage Macs, which I would certainly consider even the v1 Air to be.

    Of course you can always look at adding more memory, that's always something to consider. However, I thought that Snow Leopard was supposed to be even a bit more efficient on that front as well.

    But I admit I'm not 100% sure on either point.