I haven't upgraded since OS 10.4.11. I have a 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5. I need to upgrade all my software and need to know what the best OS option is.

My mac is 3 years old and until recently has been running fine. Finding that I need to upgrade my Adobe software and have added new peripherals: desktop printer, scanner, external hard drive, card reader..., with lots of problems following. Thought if I updated OS then software I might resolve many of the problems I'm seeing.

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • Leopard is the most upto date OS you can install on your system due to the Power PC Processor.

    I'm not sure whether Leopard would resolve these issues for you - It's possible as I would imagine that the peripherals are new - So Leopard may have drivers built in to support these add-ons.

    Snow Leopard however is not compatible with your system.