I lost the orginal DVD of my macbook, can I in installing without previously MAC OS x systen

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

1 Answer from the Community

  • Unfortunately, No your best bet is to purchase Snow Leopard from Apple and then follow these steps

    1. Boot the mac while simultaneously pressing and holding the alt/option key
    2. A screen should appear, insert the DVD wait for a Disk icon to show and select it using the arrow keys, then press enter/return
    3. If followed correctly a boot screen showing the apple logo and a loading symbol should appear
    4. A screen saying Welcome to Mac OS X should now appear
    5. Click continue/accept until you can see a white bar at the top of the screen with the apple logo and a few other things
    6. Click Utilities then Disk Utility from this menu
    7. Click on your hard drive then the partition tab
    8. From here select the + sign and create a new partition, make sure it is Mac OS X Journal Formatted
    *9. Delete the old Partition probably named Macintosh HD by selecting it and clicking - (WARNING: this will delete all files previously on your hard drive)
    10. Then quit Disk Utility and continue the installation making sure to select the hard drive partition you created earlier
    11. Presto Mac OS X is installed and your mac is fixed

    *Optional step; not required but recommended for space