I need to upgrade my 2009 MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard from 1.5.8. I do not have a working CD-Rom. Is the software available for download or USB?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • If your computer has a firewire port, you can connect it to another mac with a working optical drive. Load the Snow Leopard disc in the one with a working drive. Make sure the other one is off. Power on the one with no working drive and press the T key at the same time. You should see a moving Y shaped thing on your screen. On the other machine (where the disc is loaded), you will see the HD icon for the other (no working drive). Follow the directions to install and you will choose the one with no working drive to install. Once the install is done, power off the target machine, reboot and you should have Snow Leopard installed. You can then disconnect the firewire cable and eject the disc from the other machine and drag the HD icon(from the target machine with no drive) to the trash.