I reinstalled os-x 10.6 snow leopard and it eats up around 7GB of diskspace; can I optimize it further?

OS-X was preinstalled and took about 10GB of diskspace so I reinstalled and was left with around 7GB. But I didn't have the choice to remove the printer drivers e.g. I remember that I had the chance to do so when I didn't erased the whole harddrive.

I remember that the printer drivers needed around 800MB and as I have the driver for my printer here I don't need support for 100 other printers :).

But how can I delete the printer drivers?

And what else can I do?


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    I think you need to backup all of your files and reinstall 10.6 Snow Leopard!
    Than you have the chance to reinstall your printer driver.

    William Peasley