I want to replace the free standard router provided by talk talk. Is the AirPort Extreme just plug and play or will I need specific settings?

  • Asked by fn
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    The AirPort Extreme is not just a stand alone product, you will need a router to connect it to to be able to get wireless internet from it. This is easy to do; plug an ethernet cable into one of the ports in the back of your router (talk talk) and connect the other end into the back of the AirPort Extreme (bottom port). This will give you access to the internet from the AirPort Extreme. Adjust the settings on the simple AirPort app on Mac, iOS or other so that it connects to the internet through this port. Disable the wireless on your router and voila! You can then connect all of your devices to the wireless network coming from the AirPort Extreme.

    • Answered by Damian C from Canberra
  • If your current router connects via PPPoE, then entering username and password should work (IN MOST CASES)

    If you're connection is DSL, then you will need an ADSL modem in bridge mode.

    • Answered by Nigel S from Taree