I want to use my new iPod Touch and my new Magic Mouse!!!!

So, I bought a new iPod Touch and got a Magic Mouse for Christmas. Low and behold, I can't use either of them. Why? Because I need to upgrade my computers. Clever Apple, very clever!!!!

I have an old PowerBook and a newer iMac. Both are running OS 10.4.11. Therein lies the issue.

I can upgrade both to OS 10.5 and use my iPod and Magic Mouse on both computers.

- or -

I can upgrade my iMac to OS 10.6 and use the iPod and Magic Mouse only on the iMac (can't upgrade PowerBooks past 10.5).

I really don't want to shell out the money ($170 U.S., as I live in Taiwan and it's more expensive here) to buy the OS 10.6 Box Set to upgrade my iMac. Also, if I only upgrade the iMac, my PowerBook is left out in the cold and I can't use either of my new toys on it.

Ideally, I'd like to buy OS 10.5 and upgrade both of my computers. This would also be the less expensive option, AND it would allow me to use my new toys on both computers. I don't really need all the new bells and whistles with 10.6, so 10.5 is just fine for my needs.

After this long-winded diatribe, my question is:

Is there anywhere that I can buy Mac OS 10.5?

Thanks to anyone who can offer assistance!

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    You can get the 10.5 but you have to purchase it from Apple. You can call them and they will nicely show you the way. I'd say Apple has one of the best customer service teams of any business I know of.

    One thing you can try is requesting a Replacement Copy of the 10.5.6 Software due to the fact you are stuck, and that would basically allow you a free copy of the software. But you better ask nicely. Due to the fact you need the software to use your new "Apple" devices, they may accommodate or at least give you a deal. I will tell you, I personally had this issue, and the resolution worked out WONDERFUL when I called them. Good luck!