I want to use Vonage as my primary phone provider. Can I use it with Airport Express?

I have heard that there are serious issues with using Vonage and routing it through Apple Airport Express. Is this right and if so is there a workaround? Is there a solution on the horizon for consumers who CHOOSE to opt for Vonage and love Apple for its quality?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    I don't use Vonage specifically but I have plugged other VoIP adapters into the express without any issue at all.

  • Airport utility supports port forwarding and a fixed IP address. This is how you would want to set up the Airport express. However, packets will still be going through the firewall and I can't see any QOS settings.
    Note that the LAN port is only 100 BaseT on the Airport Express. The later two Airport Extreme models would be better to use for this purpose because they have 1000 Base T ethernet connections. I used an Airport Extreme as my wireless access points while using a DLINK router as my firewall with a DMZ for my VOIP connection. I don't really use the DLINK wireless connections but like its firewall flexibility and QOS settings.
    The Apple Airport Extreme routers usually provide better wireless connections to all my Apple laptop computers and iPhones,iPads, etc. than my DLINK. Your mileage may vary.