if I purchase Snow Leopard, will it come with iLife '11 ?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    The $169 Mac Box Set packaged Snow Leopard with iLife '09 and iWorks '09.

    Your best bet is to buy the $29 Snow Leopard DVD and install it, then buy iLife11 for $49 (these are single license prices. Family packs for 5 Macs cost $49 for Snow Leopard and $79 for iLife'11). Snow Leopard will also run older iLife apps if you have those already (eg I use iLife apps from before mid-2007 with Snow Leopard).

    The $29 Snow Leopard DVD will do a clean install and/or upgrade your old OS. (As long as you have an Intel-based Mac.)

    Here is how I upgraded from OS 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard.

    1) First, keep (or clone to an external bootable drive) your old bootable partition with the old OS on it.

    2) Start doing a clean install of Snow Leopard to a fresh partition. In order to do a clean install with the $29 DVD, you will have two options when you start up from the DVD... "Utilities" or "Continue". Select "Utilities" and when the Mac restarts, select "Disk Utilities" from the "Utilities" menu. Do a format of your "fresh" partition and then QUIT "Disk Utilities".

    3) Now Snow Leopard will begin installing. During the install, it will search your Mac for all other partitions with an older OS and then ask you if you want to import your OS Settings, Applications and Files from one of those other partitions. Do this for a very smooth upgrade transition to the new OS. (If you decide to not import, then you will end up with a clean install of Snow Leopard instead.)

    4) All my Apps from OS 10.4.11 continue to work in Snow Leopard, but some of my printer drivers and scanner utility did not. Until I found those upgrades, I was still able to start up from the OS 10.4.11 partition to use my printers and scanner. To change the Start Up partition, either use the Start Up Disk in System Preferences... or press and hold "option" while your Mac starts up.