Is iWork 09 compatible with os x 10.6?

I bought iWork 09 for my G5 PowerPc recently. I have just bought an iMac 27" and when I try to open any iWork application on it I get an error message referring me to the developer. Are the two compatible and can I get an update for iWork 09?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    YES. Answer continued from previous post.
    The archiving was unnecessary as;
    a) iWork '09 is compatible with 10.6.8 CONFIRMED
    b) all the parts you are deleting are System related and not user related, so will be reinstalled.

    Therefore, delete iWork from /Applications and from /Library/Application Support and reinstall from DVD or DMG.
    The versions installed will be Keynote 5.0, Numbers 2.0 and Pages 4.0. These will still not work, but Software Update should now offer you three updates as follows;
    iWork Update 4 9.0.4
    iWork Update 5 9.0.5
    iWork Update 6 9.1
    Applying all of these (no restart needed), will take the app versions to Keynote 5.1 (1018), Numbers 2.1 (436) and Pages 4.1 (923).
    These will now work with 10.6.8. Most likely any version of 10.6, but I am being precise as that version is my only experience. To be exact my Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro also had the OSX Updates 10.6.8 v 1.1, and the 10.6.8 Supplemental Update applied, however I think these are mainly for correcting issues when Migrating or Upgrading to Lion OS X 10.7, so I doubt they are necessary to allow iWork '09 to work.
    Good Luck and Enjoy. I wish this was already answered to save me the time!