is there a digital version of snow leopard to download?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Snow Leopard is only available via DVD. Shipping is free. (Snow Leopard should only be installed on intel-based Macs introduced before OS 10.7 was introduced. In other words, "downgrading" a more recent Mac may not work.)

    Once you have the Snow Leopard Install DVD, and if your Mac does not have a working optical drive, there are several alternate methods to install…

    1) an external optical drive
    2) a USB stick
    3) another Mac with a working optical drive on same network (there is a remote install program on the DVD).
    4) a PC (I think it needs to be Windows XP) on the same network (there is a remote install program on the DVD for this to work as well).

    My preference would be the USB stick as this is method least likely to cause frustrations. The USB flash drive needs to be at least 8GB in size, and will be reformatted to be able to install Snow Leopard on your Mac. You will also need a second Mac that has an optical drive in order to RESTORE the DVD to the USB drive using Disk Utility.

    You can find instructions online by searching for "How to Create a Bootable USB Drive with OS X Snow Leopard" or "Install Snow Leopard from a USB flash drive".