Is there any way to set up a wireless guest network using the new AirPort TC if the AirPort TC must be configured as a bridge and not a router?

I have seen posts indicating that this is not possible with earlier AirPort Time Capsules (I have a 4th generation now), but I"m wondering if this setup is available with the new 2013 APTC? We have Verizon FiOS for both internet and TV. My understanding is that the Verizon router must be left configured as a router for our network, and not as a bridge, in order for our FiOS TV to function correctly. As a result, if I buy the new APTC, I must continue to configure the APTC as a bridge and use it only as a wireless access point, not a router. Any chance that I could set up a guest wireless network with this setup? Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Asked by fn from Brookeville
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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