My Imac is Mac OSX Version 10.5.8 Would I benefit by upgrading to Snow Leopard, or have I already got it.

My system does not give the software a "Leopard" name ? just OSX 10.5.8 ?

Also, as an old Windows user, I would like to install Microsoft Word. How cheaply can I achieve this - I presume it's not included with the Snow Leopard upgrade that I am considering ?
Please advise.

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    If your iMac has 10.5.8, then you have Mac OS X Leopard. The .8 in 10.5.8 means there have been 8 updates applied to the base 10.5.0 version. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is version 10.6 which you do not currently own, but can be purchased for $29 from any Apple Store.

    As far as your question of benefits to upgrading, yes there are some new features and fixes in Mac OS X Snow Leopard† that many will find beneficial. You do need to be sure your iMac meets the system requirements, which mainly is that it contains an Intel processor.

    For your final question on Word, you have some options. Microsoft has released Microsoft Office for OS X, which can be purchased in an Apple Store. Also you can use OS X's Boot Camp feature if you would like to run Word natively in Windows. Finally, you can look into virtualization software. Some examples of these are VMWare Fusion, and Parallels.

    †Refinements in Mac OS X Snow Leopard are listed on Apple's Mac OS X Snow Leopard "What's New?"

  • I just upgraded to Snow Leopard 10.6. It cost £25 in the Apple Retail Store. It releases (gives back) about 7 GB of memory to your computer and takes about 50 minutes to install. It is not dramatically different visually - most of the improvements are in the workings behind the scenes and odd little improvements to the dock.

  • Well, i had Leopard 10.5.8 yesterday. I downloaded Snow Leopard today. It is faster and Things like Spaces and Expose have new cooler looks to them. Also the new Quick Time is awesome. Snow Leopard takes up less space then Leopard so you gain some memory when you download it.

  • You have the most up-to-date release of Leopard, but not Snow Leopard. Snow Leopard is version 10.6 - you only have 10.5.8.

    And to answer your second question, no, MS Word is not included with Snow Leopard - you have to buy it separately. It's about $150 US.

    Hope this helped!

    Daniel James

  • About Microsoft Word: I recently switched from Microsoft Word and Office to iWork'09 which is a great Office Package that comes with Pages, Numbers and Keynote (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) for a nice price of $79. I will not go back to Word or Excel because iWork with Pages and Numbers has all you need when you are a normal Office user. You can load and save files in Microsoft Word format (even .docx files). There is a free demo version - so before buying MS Office take a look at the free trial.

  • Snow Leopard has the most advanced technologies it can offer. It offers a lot of benefits when you upgrade. Faster speeds on Safari and Mail is one of the best tools I've experience with Snow Leopard

  • Snow Leopard is the next upgrade for you (10.6) What I would suggest doing is getting iWork 09 instead. It only cost $79 in comparison to Office which at it's cheapest cost $120. If you got the Box set for $160 you would also get the latest iLife along with Snow Leopard and iWork.

    iWork 09 can open and save into Office files (Word, PowerPoint, and Excell)

  • You have at least 3 options:

    1: Get iWork for the Mac, which can read and write MS Office docs.

    2: You can buy MS Office for the Mac, though I don't know the prices. You could try to get a "light" version that just has Word and Excel, for example, if that's all you need. Or maybe check eBay, etc. Or maybe buy an older copy and then upgrade it.

    3: Try Open Office for the Mac. It's a free open source "clone" of Office for the Mac, currently offered by Sun/Oracle. It also reads and writes MS Office docs.

    If it's for work, I'd go with option 2 and get them to pay for it. If it's for personal use, you could try option 3 first and see how far that gets you. Of course some formatting issues might not be exactly the same.

  • You do not currently have snow leopard, you have the latest version of Leopard. Also, iWork '09 works just as good or better than Word, and is about half a cheap (I was a Word fan until I switched).

  • I too was a former Windows user... I tried to keep my Mac "unadulterated" when I made the switch to Macbook. I bought the iWorks package and tried hard to use it. i get many work flyers and presentations in the Word/Excel/PowerPoint format, and, try as I did, I was unable to make changes and forward the documents without the recipients complaining that they would come through jumbled. I particularly had difficulty with words and photos crossing into each others spaces. I went to many a 1:1 meeting at my local Apple store and was unable to resolve the problem. Sadly, I had to purchase the Microsoft Office program and install it. Works great now, but I am sorry to not be a pure Mac.

  • Also, if you work for a large corporation, you might want to check if they offer employee discounts on the Microsoft products such as the Office Suite. The way that it works at my company is that you can buy the entire Office Suite for $10.99, yes $10.99. They send you the media along with the product key, and that pricing remains for as long as you're with the company. Of course, once you leave, that supposedly changes. I'm not sure how they would know it. But give that a try as well, otherwise, I would go with the iLife 09 Suite or one of the online office suites.

  • i cam open .doc files with the text edit, give that a try

  • You don't have Snow Leopard. You need 10.6 instead of 10.5.8. You would have to pay $29 AUD for Snow Leopard and about $500 AUD for Microsoft Office 2008

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