My used 15" Macbook Pro (A1150; Intel 2Ghz) will not charge the battery. It works fine but could I have received the wrong wattage Magsafe adapter?

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  • My Macbook Pro is 4 years old now and I have gone through 4 batteries. I admit, I do not charge it wisely, therefore, I continuously run the battery down to a point where it will barely hold a charge. Depending on how old your battery is, and how well you treat it, it could be defective, or it could just be worn out. I'd suggest bringing it to a genius bar and let them run some diagnostics on it. They will be able to tell immediately if the problem is the battery, the computer, or what. And if the battery itself is defective, and you are within so much time of the battery's life span, then can replace it for free. They have been able to replace 2 of my four batteries free of charge because the batteries were simply defective. Sometimes it just happens. Good luck.

  • The wrong wattage adapter shouldn't be the problem as the only difference between them is the total power they'll handle under load. The 15" with powerful graphics card and DVD will use more power than the Air with neither. I would suspect a problem with the battery or charging circuit and you should have an Apple authorized service person look at it.