So do I have to buy snow leopard just to buy and upgrade to lion? That seems like $30 i'll only use for an hour, not fair.

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    Yes, it does seem unfair. However, I've been using Macs since 1988, and OS 10.6 and OS 10.7 are the lowest priced operating systems to my knowledge that Apple has ever produced. If I recall correctly, OS 10.5 was at least $130 per Mac.

    And note: the USB version of Lion ($69) allows unlimited installs on all Macs running Snow Leopard that are owned by one individual. In addition, the $49 Snow Leopard family pack allows installs on up to 5 Macs in a household.

    On a single Mac, despite paying an extra $30 to move to Snow Leopard and then $30 to move to Lion.... $60 is still a lot less costly than Operating Systems before Snow Leopard.