so what if you already have wi fi in your home, is this device still needed or will my wi fi do the job?

i'm trying to add a printer for printing, and it sounds like the airport express will allow me to print wireless, but if i already have wi fi installed will i still need the airport express to print wireless, and what does this device do different than what i already have?

  • Asked by fn from Westchester
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    If your current printer already connects to the wireless network you have, then you don't need this. The Airport models allow you to add printers in two ways: either through a wireless network (if a printer is wifi-capable), or by connecting it via USB to the Airport (you can do this for printers that don't have built-in wireless networking). The Airport Express also has an audio out port which lets you stream music from a computer to a stereo system.

    Note that the USB method does not make a non-Airprint-capable printer accessible to iOS devices. You still need an Airprint printer to print from iPad or iPhone.

    • Answered by Matt C from Beacon
  • You can use Printopia (Mac software) to share out your Mac connected printers (as well as other options) so that your iOS devices can use them via the AExpress. I have several AExpress modules in my home and love them! You can also configure them to connect via WiFi and then provide Ethernet connectivity to a remote device, for example an Ethernet-Only device that does not have access to an Ethernet connection on your LAN.

    • Answered by Michael T from Chesterfield