Apple tv to RCA cable

An older Toshiba "tube" TV with RCA inputs, will Apple TV work? My feeling is a resounding "NO!". Is there any kind of adapter? Or will switching cost me a new TV?

2 Answers from the Community

  • It simply won't worth it. You could find adapters, but those are expensive and very low in resolution.

    I haven't tried that for myself yet. It'll be worthy to buy a new TV though, if you need full-high-definition outputs, and superb quality of sound.

    • Answered by Seth C from Bangkok
    • Dec 1, 2012
  • To get the best out of Apple TV you need an HDMI input which carries the high definition signal picture and sound.
    I have the older 720P version and it looks great on a 42 inch TV. Of course you need a WiFi router and probably an unlimited broadband package to view the great range of films you can rent on iTunes.

    • Answered by Roger M
    • Nov 28, 2012