How do I turn on Apple tv

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  • There's not really an on/off - it's more sleeping or awake - but if it's asleep and you want to wake it up, pressing any button on your remote should do the trick.

    If that doesn't work, the first step would be to unplug the power and HDMI cables on the AppleTV, make sure power is connected (and available to the outlet - check by plugging in something simple like lamp), then reconnect power and HDMI cables and try again.

    The remote also needs to be recharged occasionally - but it can go a pretty long time, long enough that I think I've charged the remotes for my several Apple TVs maybe three times in the last five years.(I do use a universal remote a lot, so that saves them a little).

    If that doesn't help, you may need to restore the Apple TV. Check the Apple website for more details.

    • Answered by Robert O from Marina Del Rey
    • Oct 26, 2017