what is the difference between renting a buying a movie on apple tv?

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    When you rent a movie you have 48 hours to watch it, from the time you begin to watch it. You can watch it repeatedly in that 48 hour period. It is streamed over the Internet.

    When you buy a movie, you can download it to a computer in your home via iTunes and store it there, or store it in iCloud, and watch it as many times as you wish. If you download to a computer in your house, you will need to have that computer turned on and "Homesharing" on to stream it from your computer to the Apple TV, if you store it in iCloud, it is streamed over the Internet, if you watch it more than once this could eat up a good chunk of your monthly allotment with your ISP.

    • Answered by Murray S from Odessa
    • Mar 7, 2013