Can I use a Logitech Wave wireless keyboard and mouse with Ipad Pro?

I wish to replace my desktop with the Ipad Pro 12'' because I have an Ipad Retina Display 16GB needing to be replaced also. But when I do Office work : spreadsheets, letters, etc I like my full Wave keyboard which is wireless & bluetooth.

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    So far no mouse is compatible with any IPad only keyboards :(

    • Answered by Rabia M from Surrey
    • Dec 5, 2016
  • You cannot use a mouse with an Ipad but you can use the Apple Pencil or another stylus. i can’t imagine you will ever be able to use a mouse since it is a touch tablet. I use the Pencil, plenty long enough to use ‘over’ the keyboard and use as I would a mouse—more or less. BTW, until Logitech came out with the Slim Combo I used a Logitech BT keyboard—I didn’t like any of the keyboards offered until the Slim Combo which is ‘just right’ with the big Ipad pro.

    • Answered by Diane F from Hickory
    • Dec 9, 2017