can i use my iphone charger to charge my ipad?

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    The iPhone charger will charge an iPad but at about half the rate of the charger that is supplied with the iPad. Lithium ion battery charging is managed inside of the device (i.e.iPad or iPhone) based on the state of charge and the voltage profile during charge.

    Think of the following analogy ...

    If you are filling identical buckets with two different hoses, one hose with twice the rate of flow as the of the other hose. The bucket being filled by the hose with the higher flow rate would fill twice as fast as the one being filled with the hose with the lesser flow rate. Both hoses have automatic shut off mechanisms that keep the buckets from overflowing.

    The same basic analogy holds true with the two different chargers. The battery management circuitry inside of your iPhone or iPad are the automatic shutoff to keep the battery from being damaged by overcharging. Since the iPhone charger has about half the maximum charge current capability as that of the iPad charger, it will take about twice the time to charge an iPad.

    • Answered by Paul D from Noblesville
    • Jul 27, 2012
  • Yes. But it will charge slower.

    • Answered by Soon Hui Y
    • Jun 4, 2012
  • Yes it will charge but in a way slower way. I have an iPod cable charger and the charger from another brand and the output is 5.1V and the input is only 0.7 Amps and my iPad charged normally but slower. The only way to charge it is to turn off the WiFi and make the iPad sleep. I leave it every night charging without even touching it so it can charge. Then at the morning it is good to go.

    • Answered by Gabriel A from Kissimmee
    • Aug 9, 2012