Can more than one Apple TV devices be used in the same network and operate independently?

I am looking at swapping our existing Apple TV (2nd generatioin) with a new 3rd generation. Move the 2nd generation to another room in our home and use the same wifi network for both. I have a few questions listed below.

Would we have any restrictions using / accessing independently on the same network?

We have two iPads. Would one iPad be able to control both devices for streaming the same music through our stereo systems? (each Apple TV would be connected with independent receivers / amplifiers that are within range of one iPad)

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    Absolutely. Each would have an independent IP address.

    One iPad can only stream to a single airplay device at a time so NO, you could not have the iPad stream to two stereos at once.

    • Answered by Thomas G from Lansdale
    • Mar 26, 2012