does the new ipad (3) work on 3g?

does the new ipad (3) work on 3g? because where i live, 4g isnt here yet.

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    Yes it works in 3g

    • Answered by Kristina S from New York
    • Apr 29, 2012
  • Yes but the 4G is a lot faster. You can order one with 4G installed but change the sim card with your carrier. The new iPad comes with a tool to change your sim card yourself.

    • Answered by Richard N from Pittsfield
    • Apr 29, 2012
  • Yes,the new iPad 3 works perfectly on 3g

    • Answered by Kingsley Kweku S
    • Oct 18, 2012
  • Yes

    • Answered by Simon D
    • Aug 29, 2012