how many songs can an ipad mini 64gb hold

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    depends on variables?
    1 you don't have the complete 64gb available. there's OS (System software) and other "downloaded Apps... Also what other stuff have you "saved" i.e. Pictures..

    Also depends on Song Length, and compression method.. metadata etc.. see below...

    For a 128kbps bit rate song, it is approximately 1 MB per minute. For a 256kbps bit rate song its approximately 2MB per minute. Leave a little overhead for things like album artwork, ID3 tags, and some things to do with how drives store data (block size for one), that is about 100 minutes or 500 minutes per gigabyte. iTunes DRM protected songs are encoded at 128kbps bit rate. iTunes Plus songs are encoded at 256kbps bit rate. Most songs are about 4 minutes on average. If we use that as an average we are looking at about 125-250 songs per gigabyte.

    Hope this helps..

    • Answered by Luis E from New York
    • May 27, 2016