I plan to put some apps, photos, videos and a few games on my new iPad (3.gen)  32 or 64gb? Look at description for more accurate info)

Here is a more accurate list of the stuff I wanna put on my new device:

-) Like 1000 JPEG photos or so
-) a few games, as less as posible
-) text documents (homework)
-) 2-4 seasons of my favorite TV series (1 or 2 of them in HD, the others in 480p) (one season: 20 episodes of 22 mins length)
-) apps like magazines or mobile versions of various websites and a translator

Thank you for your answers!

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    I would recommend a 64GB. 32 will be too small to hold ur 80episodes or 40Episodes of HD videos. =) Cheers!

    • Answered by Zhane T from Singapore
    • Jun 9, 2012