want a small lightweight device for word, excel, powerpoint, adobe acrobat pro and email when i travel: ipad or macbook air

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    Do you want a toy or a computer? I suggest that you go to an Apple store, and try out both. You may find that the ipad is too limited for what you want to do.

    • Answered by Daryl T from Junction City
    • Dec 9, 2012
  • I have both and love them equally but since I got my iPad I always use it when I travel. I used it
    with the wireless keyboard at first, but now just take the iPad. Movies look better on it. So I think the question is how small and lightweight do you want and which one do you prefer using. I agree - go to the store and play with both. iPad's battery life is hard to beat too. My MacbookAir is a 1st gen and battery life is not as long as my iPad.

    • Answered by Robin P from San Diego
    • Sep 11, 2013