what is a VPN and do i need one

What is a VPN and do i need one

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    Vpn = Virtual Private Network. WIthout getting technical it offers a means of masking your real isp address. Why is this important. It's quite good for security and a good vpn can give you better mps speed. Where a vpn is very useful is if you travel or live abroad and want access, for example, to TV channels in your home country or a country other than that you are in. So, for example, I lived in Russia but wanted access to the BBC iPlayer. NO can do through my regular ISP.....the player detects I am in Russia and refuses me access. A vpn avoids this problem. I have bought many. never a problem. Usual cost for reputable providers is about £5/month. Just google "vpn providers". Unless you have some unique security services, or need access to overseas tv channels, it is not necessary. If you do need one the setup is very easy on iOS devices. It is usually good for at least 3 devices at any one time. I use one now for my daughter to watch Uk to, so she can learn English and for me to watch, for example, US version of Netflix.

    • Answered by Harris J
    • Sep 6, 2016