blackberry or iphone , which one should i choose?

in my country (indonesia) a lot of people using blackberry , and it makes me a little bit confuse to use iphone 4s , because i think it'll make me difficult to contact my friend whom use blackberry, so how's the solution? and in my country i think to use SIRI is a little bit difficult cause it's no complete enough in the map i think for looking some places. thx

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    Dear Indonesian,
    iPhone is the best phone in the world and always will be. You'll have no problem to contact people with other phones. I use iPhone 4s in brazil and all my friends have samsungs blackberrys and stuff and I have no problem to contact them. You can send Facebook messages, SMS, call . Siri is awesome don't worry you'll love iPhone.

    • Answered by Nicow M from Los Angeles
    • Jun 12, 2012
  • Blackberrys small keypad i find is hard to choose, but is harder to break.
    The Iphone is amazing with apps and such, but is quite easy to break without spending the money to get a good case (otterbox, or giffen military case) Personally i would choose the iphone if i want a good phone and have the money too spend on it.

    • Answered by Shelby W from Calgary
    • Jun 11, 2012
  • I used many smartphones from Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Samsung and Blackberry in all models and come to comparison... (I used 4 and 4s now and gonna get the iPhone 5 :)), no smartphones were able to beat the comfortness and easyness as well as powerful of iphone apps n features. And all I can say it is an amazing smartphone ever...truly

    • Answered by Teuku I
    • Oct 19, 2012