Can I get call audio through the lightning connector on my iPhone 6s?

My car has a USB connection for controlling the music playback on iPods and iPhones. It works great in that regard and it automatically pauses playback when a call comes in. However, the call audio won't play through the connection. If I connect it via an audio cable to the headset connector, that works fine, but that involves swapping inputs on the car stereo and double cables connected, etc.

I'm trying to determine if the 6s is even capable of playing the audio through the lightning connector for phone calls. If so, is there a setting somewhere that I need to change? I realize it could also just be that the Alpine CDE-152 doesn't interface right to allow call playback via the USB input.

1 Answer from the Community

  • Yes, just connect the iPhone to the USB port with a lightning USB cable. Check your car stereo manual to see how you choose the car stereo's USB port for sound input.

    • Answered by William C from Mount Dora
    • Dec 2, 2017