How can I turn off shuffle for my itunes playlist?

I put one of my playlists on shuffle. Now they're ALL on shuffle and I can't turn shuffle off. I don't always want to listen to the lists on shuffle. In fact, I set them up in order for a reason. How do I turn this (sometimes) horrible feature off?

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    Hi. I had exactly the same problem. Every time there are updates on iTunes something gets mucked up as far as I'm concerned. Okay, on your computer open iTunes, log in etc. Then open a playlist or a track of music and play it. Across the top you'll see the bar with left arrows, pause/play and right arrows, then the slider for volume and then the album cover and the track currently playing. Right of the album cover image is the shuffle symbol, two arrows heading right that cross each other. In the middle is the title of the track and details then right of it are two arrows, one over the other. Top arrow is going right and bottom left. They are the repeat arrows. Click on that and the track continuously plays.

    All you have to do is click on the cross over arrows/shuffle and take off the black box, so that it's just the arrows, not black square. The next track to play should be the next on your playlist or album. If I could add a screenshot to this answer I'd do it, but can't find anywhere to make that happen - sorry.

    I need not to forget what I just told you because I'm sick of stuff shuffling when I don't want it to. Good luck! :-)

    • Answered by Mary M
    • Oct 3, 2016
  • While in the music app, enter the screen where you can play/ pause, change volume e.t.c. and scroll down a little. If you're on the latest OS, you should see two large buttons Shuffle and Repeat. You can toggle these on and off. If your not on the latest OS, the Shuffle and Repeat buttons are displayed as two small icons. The icon with overlapping arrows is the Shuffle button.

    • Answered by Xander A
    • Mar 22, 2017
  • Controls, Shuffle, Off.

    • Answered by Phelps C from Fairview
    • Nov 27, 2017
  • Controls - Shuffle - Off

    • Answered by Gregor A
    • Mar 20, 2017