I don't listen to much music but I take a lot of pictures; is 16 g enough. I have an iPhone 3 now.

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    I have two little kids and I take a ton of pics and videos every day, and I have a 16G iPhone 4. I just transfer my pics to my computer about once a month or so when my phone starts to get full, and delete the pics from my phone. You'll still have the pictures available on your Photo Stream on your phone, but they won't take up any storage space on the phone. If you are going to be downloading movies, then get the 32G, otherwise, 16G would be enough in my opinion.

    • Answered by Shari B from Moorpark
    • Jul 1, 2012
  • No! had my 16G full in 3 Months - Photos and Music the big culprits! Go as big as you can afford

    • Answered by Paul G from Auckland
    • Jul 7, 2012
  • 32gb will be useful for you

    • Answered by Amaar M
    • Jun 30, 2012