Is it possible for a blocked phone number to be unblocked on my iPhone, without me doing anything?

My husband blocked a number on his phone. Then I noticed that it was unblocked. He said he doesn't know how that happened and that he didn't unblock the number. Is there any way that a number that was blocked could be unblocked without the phone user doing anything?

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  • there are 2 ways for a number to be blocked, the first is manually by the phone user on his phone which takes a series of actions the last being highlighted before being actioned. It is difficult to see how this could be done unintentionally. Unblocking is the reverse process and again requires a series of manual actions by the phone user.
    The second way is by the phone network service provider, which again takes significant action by the account holder. However, this "network" block would not be apparent on the phone itself, so you would be unlikely to see the block on your husbands phone.

    • Answered by David K
    • Aug 31, 2016