whats the difference between iphone4s and iphone3s

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    Here are a few comparisons between the two:

    The iPhone 4S is a generally quicker phone than the 3GS. It features 512MB of RAM, compared to the 3GS's 256MB. The processor on the 4S is dual-core 1GHZ, whereas the 3GS only features a single-core 600MHz processor. Nevertheless, both phones can still carry out day-to-day tasks very well, but the 4S does have the edge.

    The iPhone 4S has an 8MB camera with advanced optics. The iPhone 3GS has a 3MP camera. Undoubtedly, the 4S has the edge over the 3GS in terms of photography. If you want to take some great shots, then the 4S is the phone to choose.

    The iPhone 4S has "Siri", an intelligent, voice-assisted system which lets you ask questions, file meetings, read emails etc. all with your voice. This is an iPhone 4S-specific feature, so it is not available on the 3GS.

    If battery life may be an issue for you, then the 4S is definitely the phone to pick. It offers a couple of more hours than the 3GS offers.

    Finally, the display on the 4S is miles better than the 3GS. Text is crisper, images are more vibrant and everything shines more on the 4S.

    The iPhone 4S was released in 2011, meaning it uses a lot of up-to-date technology. The 3GS is a couple of years old, but it is still good if you're just using a phone lightly. I'd personally recommend buying the 4S (I previously owned a 3GS). I've never looked back since.

    • Answered by Jack G
    • Apr 3, 2012