Will a 2.1 amp charger damage my I phone 6 s plus

My alarm clock has 2 usb ports to charge phones, iPads, tablets, etc. My car charger also has 2 usb ports. One is 1.8 amps the other is 2.1. Of the two, the 2.1 works much faster. However the 1.8 am as well as the original iPhone charger that came with my phone seem to take forever to charge my phone.

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    I've used a 2.5 amp charger to charge my iPhone and I've seen no problems yet. As far as I know, a lot of USB chargers are 2.1 amp and should not damage your phone.

    • Answered by J D
    • Apr 4, 2016
  • No. A device only draws the amperage required to operate the device. As long as the voltage is correct 5volts and a minimum of 1 amp. A 5 volt 20amp charger would also be okay as the load (iPhone) in this case determines how much amperage to take from the charger. The remaining 18 amps in the charger would just be there if the device requested more power, which in this case an iPhone will not. However if you were to cause a short circuit in a 20 amp charger it would be very hazerdous to your life and property. So to mitigate the danger of excess heat they intentionally keep voltage and amperage very low. So again as long as your charger has the right voltage (5volts) and meets the minimum requirement of 1 amp any higher amperage beyond that will not hurt your device.

    • Answered by Linda G from Staunton
    • Jul 20, 2017
  • I've noticed charging my iPhone using higher amps(2.4A compared to standard 1A power adaptor) heats it up faster.
    And it's a fact that heat is bad for batteries.

    So my conclusion from this is - stay away from "fast" chargers to have a better battery life.

    • Answered by Gurpreet S from Tempe
    • Mar 9, 2017
  • Hello,
    I'm using the Anker power port 2.4A for my iPhone 6+ for almost 2 years and I didn't face any problems with the battery or the phone generally.
    I don't know really how many Amps does it take. but the fact it's faster than the original port of Apple 1Amp.

    also, I know that when the current is increasing = the heat is increasing, but as I said that my phone still working.

    please we want a technical support for Apple.com to help us for this issue

    does the +2 Amp damage or affect the battery?

    • Answered by Sultan K from New Castle
    • Jun 19, 2017
  • I've been using the 2.1 amp charger almost since I posted the original question. The only change I've noticed is that it now takes about 30% - 40% of the original time it took to now get my phone charged. Hurrah.

    I have a "so-called" smart charger that theoretically detects the demand and adjusts according. It was just about the same price as a regular charge, so even if it doesn't adapt to my phone's needs -- the charge time is great; and the iPhone 6s is still fine.

    • Answered by Michael C from Santa Fe
    • Jun 6, 2017
  • Don't risk it. I charged my iPhone 6 for 30+ minutes, and now it won't charge at all. It's dead. A diagnostic showed that there was no problem with the battery nor the lightning port, and the the problem was likely on the motherboard and was not worth fixing.

    • Answered by Edward B from Salt Spring Island
    • Jun 3, 2017