considering a mac for the first time...........I currently use a notebook with docking stations at home and mac have docking stations

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  • I used to have a PC with a gazillion peripherals attached, then got fed up with all the shenanigans and went with a Macbook Pro Retina 13".

    To handle everything, the scanner, printer, tablet, usb sticks, external hard drives, I picked up a 9 port usb 3 device and plugged everything into the Mac that way.

    Then went clamshell mode by putting two thunderbolt displays in it, using the Mac bluetooth keyboard and mac magic mouse.

    Finally, I missed the trackpad with magicprefs, and went out of clamshell mode and into 3-monitor mode.

    I added a second 9-port usb 3 device, and am rocking with a desk full of gear plugged into 4 of the mac ports.

    Hope that helps!

    • Answered by Jack S from Wilmette
    • Jan 1, 2014