Do i really need a anti virus for my mac

Well this is my first mac and i am a advance windows ( + 10 years) users i just want to know if i really need a anti virus i am kinda sick of the whole scanning for virus thing even though i never had one on my windows pc

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    I have had an apple for about 25 years and I have never had any problems with viruses

    • Answered by Eugene O
    • Mar 30, 2012
  • In twenty-six (26) years and generaly ten working units, most on line .. only a worm in the '80's from MS software (lost a bunch of docs and lot of work), but it arrived on MS Word's Floppy. In 2004 Entourage was lost due to 'something' and the MS could not recover it. Use Apple Mail since, and while not as versatile or pretty.. no losses. So perhaps there will be a virus that gets past my ISP or ?, but looks highly doubtful as there are safe surfing and other practices (no adminstrator password unless downloading from well respected vendors, such as Apple. We had purchased Norton after the MS Word thing. Awful software and expensive. Back up your stuff and spend one year of the virus cost on an external drive and enjoy.

    • Answered by Robert M from Occidental
    • Jun 16, 2012
  • I have had Macs for about 10 years and never had an issue with Virus. I don't want to install bloated Ant-Virus software.
    If there is an issue with a Virus or Malware floating around I am sure you will hear about it and Apple will a Security fix.

    • Answered by Steve B from Nambour
    • Jun 6, 2012
  • there is no need of antivirus

    • Answered by Akhil C
    • Mar 30, 2015