I need a new computer and I need a good reason to switch from being a lifelong PC user to getting a Mac. Anyone recently switch and have some insight?

I'm a college grad working in a high-profile, high-stress environment. I spend 12-14 hours a day at work, most of that time on my computer. Right now I have a great Gateway, but it's desktop replacement quality and several years old, and I need something that I can take with me to events, move around the office with, and use to communicate on-the-go. I want a computer that I can put in my bag, pull out at lunch, on the road, check my email, and put away with the minimum amount of hassle. I absolutely have to have the Microsoft Office suite, as I work in finance, and I tend to have at least six browser tabs open, four to six Office documents open, as well as music playing.

I've used Macs before - mostly desktop - in offices and in school, and never really enjoyed using them (I can't stand the swirling rainbow idle thing, and I saw it a LOT on the Macs I used, as well as other typical PC-user issues) but, I've never had my own to play with. All my friends who have Macs have been using them for years and seem to think that the superiority is self-evident. All my Apple-using friends say that if I go Mac, I won't go back.

I'm a computer snob. Not in a build-it-myself kind of way, but I've logged over 250 hours in Civ 5, I pre-order The Sims expansions, and I look real hard at RAM and processor speed when I buy my computers. I've got a choice between a custom built Sony VAIO S Series with the intel i7 processor or a Macbook Pro 15'' (early 2011) - I'd get more RAM with the Sony, and I can actually afford the warranty on that one. The Macbook is industry standard for my profession and has gotten stellar reviews online. It's expensive and I'm not sure I'll like it, and all the talk of conversion software and the idea that I can't play any of my games on it bothers me. So instead of my annoying friends who just say "MAC. GET THE MAC!" I'd like to hear from someone who might have had the same qualms that I do who did make the switch.

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    I had been a PC user since 1984. I use my computer for both business and personal. I switched over to Mac's about 2 years ago and never looked back. I now have all things Apple......IMAC, Mack Book Pro, IPad and IPhone. I simply love it. In the past I was always having problems with the PC. Our tech could usually straighten out the problems but it always took hours to do so. I even went to a multi drive backup whereby I would back up one hard drive to another several times a week for fear of losing files. Since we have Mac's, we've had none of those problems or issues. Everything has worked flawlessly. Installation of software is simple; you don't have to worry about root directories; everything is just so much simpler and faster. I use one accounting software program which doesn't always play nice, but it didn't with the PC either. I did sign up for the Apple One to One program ($100) and it was so worth it to learn all the things the Mac can do. I also subscribe to Mobile Me which I love. All my devices synch between each other effortlessly. I would definitely recommend switching to a Mac.

    • Answered by Dorothy F from New York
    • Aug 24, 2011
  • I just switched to a Mac and I wish I had stayed with PC's. If you use Quicken, the Mac version is a joke...won't even let you do online billpay. Seems like every program I use doesn't work as well on the Mac: stamps.com (no Mac version), GoToMyPC (cannot print remotely), efax (more cumbersome to use), Word and Excel (you will need to re-learn some things, but they work). I could have bought 2 PC's and an iPad for what I spent on my iMac. So just THOROUGHLY CHECK OUT THE MAC VERSIONS OF PROGRAMS IMPORTANT TO YOU! Don't just assume it's the same program on a different platform. I had to buy Mac Parallels (the Windows emulator), then I had to buy a copy of Windows. So after spending several MORE hundred dollars, I now have a very expensive computer that I use as a virtual PC.

    • Answered by Marianne L from Brewster
    • May 11, 2011
  • Making the switch from PC to Mac is a hard process no matter what you currently do with your computer even if its just browsing the web or editing high definition videos both come with challenges you may need to over come. I remember switching from PCs which at the time I thought Macs just looked pretty and were constantly behind the industry standard. However after serval months of use I could never go back. (even if all my games don't work natively on the mac).

    I understand you need a fairly powerful machine because of the demands you are put under at work, but at the same time you need the portability and battery life. The 15-inch Macbook Pro that you are looking at is the best middle ground for you. The battery life is around 8-hours depending on the use and it comes with a quad-core processor (sandy bridge). You do have an option between entry level and the higher end model, if you opt for the entry level I would recommend the 7200 HDD upgrade and the RAM to 8GB because you probably want it to last a while since you current computer is serval years old. However if you are planning on playing games and other graphics intensive applications I would recommend the higher end model as it comes with the 1GB graphics.

    All you current software on your PC will not work on Macs. Fortunately Microsoft does make a office suit for Mac which I personally use to edit all my documents and using the documents between PC and Macs is easy and compatible. The Microsoft packing also comes with Outlook.

    I understand that the MacBook Pros are expensive in comparison to some other Notebooks made by other manufacturers but the difference that is most important is the support that Apple offers to its customer, such as the one to one program that you get with your Mac, as well as free in-store work shops.

    Macs come with standard one year warranty but you can opt for an extra two anytime within the first year. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Spencer Y from Sydney
    • May 8, 2011
  • I have worked in the IT dept and have used Window base PC's for some 30 years.
    Now that I am retired I have switched to Apple. I also have an Apple iPhone.
    I paid the extra $100 for training for a whole year. I can go to a Apple store any time and get training on my iPhone or Apple MacBook Pro, well worth the money. I find Apple is so much easier to use and the way the desktop is maintain is so simple and makes good sense.
    I always had problems with my Windows work PC and my home PC, even with virus software I would have problems, blue screen of death, not booting up properly.

    Most companies buy Window base products because they are about half the price.

    My new MacBook Pro has a metal case, not like the Windows laptops that are mostly plastic. I rather pay more and get a lot more quality for my money.
    I'm sorry I didn't switch sooner.

    • Answered by Earl B from Mesa
    • Jul 9, 2011
  • I used MAC in 2006 till 2008 then i had to switch to PC cause of my company softwares system but since i i dont work there anymore and FINALLY I have just switched to MAC again after having a hard time with PC ... in MAC i reboot in 30 seconds and start working, i BOOTCAMP to PC if i really need it but MAC never stop always quick and does not slow down even in the worst cases and you can run as many programs and pages as you want and MAC is the HAMMER, MAC and PC is exactly like driving a PORSCHE &TOYOTA on the highway both are running but you are more safe and comfortable with MAC.

    I never remembered having a vireos in MAC but i always did in PC though i used the best anti vireos softwares.


    I used Sony Vaio before advanced and special modified ordered which is one of the best recommended in the market and i say NEVER PC AGAIN.

    Good luck with your Purchase and i recommend MacBook Pro either one of them depends on your budjet and your purpose of use.


    • Answered by Yasser Z
    • Jun 21, 2011
  • I did the switch and I never go back to PC again!! I love the MAC. I don't use Quicken I use Quick Books and had no problems. I got the Excel and Words for the iMac and works just find. In fact I hardly use pages or keynote...just because it's easy to use what I already know. I am not to savvy with computers and the PCs where driving me crazy!
    I love my iMac because it's so easy to learn and never get virus, or freezes on you, or give you all those junks emails. I can see new emails from all my accounts all the times. iPhoto is so easy to organize....I can go on and on....
    I love Apple!! I say: GO for it!
    Good luck!! : )

    • Answered by Ivonne G from Portland
    • Jun 19, 2011
  • I was a lifelong pc user, but switched to a mac book pro 15" couple of years ago. The user experience is unquestionably better; as is the simplicity of the user interface; the apple only apps and of course the build quality is outstanding. Despite all this, I like you stand at a crossroads as to whether to change back to pc or stick with mac. Like you I am not a casual computer user, and consequently have found that mac's (including high end ones) lack compatibility and the necessary hardware to produce good results in any demanding graphical or processing task. That combined with their lack of compatibility with games or software, means that you may have to invest more cash into various upgrades. Be that installing microsoft through bootcamp (which in my experience has slowed the mac down) or hardware upgrades (which is becoming impossible due to the way apple have constructed machine). So the question you should ask yourself, is whether you are willing to sacrifice certain aspects of computer usage in order to obtain a better user experience. I would also like to say that my mac has been completely virus free for the past 2 years - without the use of any firewall, which is certainly a bonus.

    • Answered by Sinniah S
    • Sep 12, 2012
  • I think your Apple-using friends are right. I have been using this MacBook Origial for less than a year, and I basically gave my HP Mini to my dad.

    • Answered by Idiot Y from S
    • Jan 3, 2012