Macbook Air 13" vs MacBook Pro 13" SSD - PLEASE HELP :/

Hi, I'm getting a MacBook for high school. I was convinced on getting the Pro before my friend told me about how much faster and more reliable the flash storage is. Now I'm convinced that I want the flash storage but I'm wondering if, with a very limited budget like mine, it is really worth paying an extra $200 and getting a Macbook Pro upgraded to SSD or should I just get an Air?

Here's what I know:
- I want SSD
- I have a limited budget - I will only shell out the extra money for the Pro if I know it is really worth it
- I don't really care about size/weight
- I HATE laggy computers
- I'm not a big gamer but with the Mac app store right there I'll probably get some games
- I don't use much storage - 128GB is enough
- I'm not big on photo/video editing, but who knows what I'll pick up in high school? ;)
- I don't use DVDs/CDs much but occasionally I do
- I have an iPad 3 so now I really notice screen resolution - I know the MacBook Air has better resolution but is it that big of a deal?

And what I don't know:
- Is the MacBook Air processor powerful enough to handle high school assignments etc, some gaming and possible photo/video editing?
- I have heard that the MacBook Pro lasts much longer than the Air, would it be significantly better for lasting 3-5 yrs? (I'll get a new laptop for university)
- Is the hardware upgradeability on the Pro a big deal? What can I all upgrade?

Now I know the Pro is obviously better for what I need/want, but is it so much better that it'd be worth putting that extra dent in my wallet? (remember I have a limited budget)

I'd love to hear your thoughts and advice as I am somewhat in a bit of a pickle. I will probably want to buy my MacBook within 3-4 weeks so any advice to assist me in my decision will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help - please don't be afraid to reply. ;)

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    From your description, it sounds like you'd be best off with the mac book air now... but...

    If cost is a big concern, you can always go for the cheapest MacBook Pro 13" now, and upgrade it in the future... by the time you are ready for college, SSD's will be very cheap and you could easily upgrade the 13" MBP.

    The 500 GB i5 macbook is fine for every day use. I'd wait for SSD to come down in price. Right now SSD's are about 1 dollar per GB, HDDs are about .07 cents per GB. In 3 years, SSDs will be a fraction of what they are now and you can breath new life into the MBP before school.

    But really, either would be fine... if all else fails, trust your wallet. :)

    • Answered by Justin H from Saint Charles
    • Jul 10, 2012
  • You should be fine with the macbook air with 128storage. Now keep in mind you said you had an iPad and loved the resolution. The Macbook air is not retina display. I have the 13inch Macbook pro with retina display and I absolutely love it. I have never had a better machine in my life. With your budget you will be fine with the Air, but like I said keep in mind that the Air is not retina display but the 8GB, 128GB Macbook Pro is. Which ever Mac you decide, you will fall inlove with it.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Mar 30, 2013