macbook pro: 13" or 15"?

im going to be heading to college soon and im looking to upgrade to a macbook pro. the problem is deciding between the 13" or the 15".

the main use of the macbook will be for music recording (Garage Band), film editing(Final Cut), photo editing(Photshop), and screenwriting(Celtx or Final Script). i'm updating from a Dell PC and it's speed is ridiculously slow.

between the 2 macbook pros, which will run these applications faster and which can run more than once at a better capacity and speed?

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    What JA said is correct.

    You want to get 15" if it fits your budget bc it gives you option for discrete and better graphics card, optional screen types, and faster proceesors.

    I have 13" MBP and it's perfect size and weight. One thing I noticed moving from a PC is that this gives off much more heat but much quieter than PC nb.

    Great investment though on MBP. If you can squeeze in your budget and don't mind the extra weight and bulk, get a 15" MBP w/SSD and a screen to fit your taste if you wish.

    • Answered by Snehal R from Houston
    • May 26, 2011
  • Your best option is the 15' inch MacBook Pro , it is more powerful for such software.

    • Answered by Juneid A
    • May 25, 2011